The government is trying to shift us

Watch Guruvaiah speak out against plans to evict the Chenchu people from their ancestral homeland, in the name of conservation. The Chenchu have been living with tigers for generations and see them as their relatives – as their son and god. The Indian government wants to evict the Chenchu because their home is now a tiger reserve.

When a Chenchu village was evicted from the forest in the 1980s scores of people died. The Chenchu are determined to stay in their forest, for their own survival and for the survival of the tigers.

Across India hundreds of thousands of tribal people are threatened with illegal and forcible eviction from their ancestral homes. But as Guruvaiah explains, they are not disturbing the forest and the animals. Evicting tribal people against their will is wrong and it won’t save the tiger.

You can learn more about the impact of tiger reserves on tribal peoples in India here.

Please take action to help the Chenchu defend their land and lives.

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