Let us stay on our land

The Guarani Kaiowá community of Apy Ka’y has been evicted from their ancestral homeland. Almost 100 heavily-armed police officers evicted nine Guarani families, bulldozing their homes and condemning them to live by the side of a major highway.

They had been forced to live by the side of the highway for ten years, during which eight people were run over and killed, and another died from pesticide poisoning. Desperate to return to their ancestral land, they reoccupied a patch in 2013, but now they have been evicted once more.

The situation facing the Guarani is one of the most urgent and horrific humanitarian crises of our time. They need you to pressure the Brazilian authorities to demarcate and protect their ancestral land, their tekoha.

You can find out more about the Guarani here.

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