We will die here!

A Guarani community in Brazil has been served with an eviction order, told they must leave the tiny patch of their ancestral homelands that hasn’t yet been eaten up by industrial agriculture.

A few hours after they received the notice, and using equipment given to them as part of Survival’s Tribal Voice project, they sent a heart-wrenching video from their cemetery.

Almost all of the Guarani’s land has been stolen from them, leaving once self-sufficient tribespeople dependent on intermittent government aid and food handouts.

These Guarani have experienced the abject poverty that land theft entails. They’ve seen their people poisoned by agrochemicals, their leaders assassinated by hitmen, and their children commit suicide in the face of a hopeless future.

It’s why they are so desperate to hang on to their land.

Please watch their message to you, and take action.

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