Guarani rally

Just in!

Ademir Lopes has sent a video taken at a big meeting of the Guarani tribe in Brazil. They’ve got together to discuss the mapping of their land.

The Guarani are an indigenous tribe of Brazil that has been made homeless as cattle ranches and sugar plantations have eaten up their territory and forest homes. Plunged into poverty and despair, many Guarani are forced to rely on food hand-outs and malnutrition and illness soar.

Brazil made a promise to ensure the Guarani’s territory is mapped and returned to them, but as yet many communities still live under plastic on the side of the road, pushed to the very edge of their ancestral homeland.

The Guarani are excited about the Tribal Voice project, which they call their “newest weapon” in the fight for their rights.

But it can only work with your help… please share as widely as possible to ensure the Guarani can speak to the world.

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